Development Process


We will recommend the appropriate methodology for your project based on an evaluation of your Requirements and the key Characteristics of your project. We are following Dynamic Systems Development Method, according to our approach the best development model, which is the fittest for your project, budget and timeline. If depending on the specifications, budgets and breadth of your project, we integrate into Dynamic process model, Agile or Prototype methodology to develop your project.

Hashcrypt Technologies has been helping clients realise their business vision through delivering innovative, high quality, customised IT solutions. Whether your main objective is to create a powerful web presence, streamline your business processes or reduce your long-term IT costs, Hashcrypt Technologies can provide you with the optimal IT solution.

Our methodology principles

  • Requirements that have been base-line at a high level
  • Active user involvement and effective communication.
  • Empowered teams that the authority to can make decisions.
  • Incremental development to ensure convergence on an accurate business solution.
  • Integrated testing throughout the life cycle.
  • A focus on frequent delivery of products and customer evaluation.
  • Collaboration and cooperation between all stakeholders.
  • Always provide the best value for the money.


Our main goal behind the use of DSDM is:

  • Results of development are directly and promptly visible.
  • users are actively involved in the development of the system, they are more likely to embrace it and take it on.
  • System is delivered on time and on budget.
  • Ability of the users to affect the project's direction.

DSDM projects are concerned to be in time and on budget and users are heavily involved in the development process. So it is mandatory to keep on watch on what users need the most.

The DSDM project consists of 7 phased steps which are organized and embedded in a rich set of roles and responsibilities and are supported by several core techniques.

  • 1. Pre-Project
  • 2. Feasibility Study
  • 3. Business Study
  • 4. Functional Model Iteration
  • 5. Design & Build Iteration
  • 6. Implementation
  • 7. Post-Project

Focus on Quality

We commit to achieve quality by creating a work environment that encourages our employees and suppliers to focus on defect prevention rather than detection. We believe in continual improvement and shall constantly enhance our processes and skills.

We would love to help you.